Drum chip reset and toner chip reset details

If the model you have is not listed on our site but is deriving from a Konica Minolta product or it is in our list but it is from a different zone, it is possible that our chip reset device will reset your imaging units and toners. Even if the machine is not connected with Konica Minolta in any way, you still might be able to reset your chip with our chip reset device.

First, we know that the same machine is sold under different names. For example, Konica Minolta is mainly the same with Develop and Imagistics. If this is your case, just check if the drum / toner is the same with a Konica Minolta imaging unit / toner. If yes, there is a good chance that our chip reset device will be able to work with your drums and toners. If not, all you have to do is to use our software and hardware and to save a image (dump) from a new drum / toner chip and later you'll be able to use that file to chip reset over and over again that drum / toner.

Second, if the brand has nothing to do with KOnica Minolta products but the imaging units are using 93C46 type chips or DS2432/DS2431/DSQ8 type chips, you still be able to chip reset the unit but with condition to save previous the image of the chip on your computer. If you're not sure what kind of chips your copier is using, just take a look at these chips located here (usually for C,M,Y), here (usually for K) here and here and compare it with the ones in your imaging units. At this moment our resetter is not working with this type of chip.

The following models are using these types of chips:


Bizhub C250, C252

Bizhub C300, C352

Bizhub C350, C450

Bizhub C351, C451

Bizhub C550, C650

Bizhub C452, C552, C652


Minolta CF1501, CF2001

Minolta CF2002, CF3102


Develop ineo+250, 300, 352

Develop Qc1500, Qc2000

Develeop Qc2001, Qc3101

Develop Qc2235+, 450

Develop ineo+ 451, 550, 650


Olivetti d-color MF25

Olivetti d-color MF30

Olivetti Mf15, Olivetti Mf20

Olivetti D-Color Mf20, Olivetti D-Color Mf31

Olivetti D-Color Mf22


Imagistics cm2525

Imagistics CM2020, CM3120

Imagistics CM3520, CM3530

Imagistics CM4530


Oce CS171

Oce CS175

OCE CS 170, 220

OCE CS 180, 230


Kyocera Mita C 2030, 3130


Konica 7915, 7920

Konica 8020, 8031