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These comments were received from our satisfied customers. We have not included all of the testimonials we have received, but we have included those which we feel represent the tone of the majority of our customers' sentiments. Convinced? Buy the chip reset device and start saving.

I feel I must congratulate you and your staff for delivering exactly to specification and so promptly. Your attention to detail and the simplicity with which the resetting operation was carried out -- with the aid of the full and excellent instructions provided -- sets a standard many other firms would do well to try and imitate, whatever the products they were dealing in.


Jock C.Hamilton New Zealand

I am using this email address to tell you all how satisfied I was with my very first reset device. WOW! Fine product.... fine service.... excellent instructions...best price on the market...what more could you want?

Wishing you all much success in the future. I also plan to recommend your product very enthusiastically to all of my fellow technicians!

Best wishes from a very satisfied customer!

Michael A., New York

I'm a computing professional who has about 17 yrs as an electronics R&D specialist so I was pretty well equipped for the task but you laid out the directions for this job so well, my 17-yr-old daughter could easily have done this with no oversight..

I can't say enough for your good planning and customer satisfying process.

I'm going to 'tell on you' to everyone I know.


Tyler & Terry W., Olympia, WA

I received my reset device for my old CF2001 photocopier today - an excellent delivery time of only 4 days to ship it from Europe to US.

It took me only 10 minutes to disassemble the imaging unit per your excellent instructions, reset the chips and put the machine back on the right track. The copier gave me 100 % proof copies.

Thank you.

Vincent S. Davie, FL

This product is just amazing. I don't understand why didn't think of using this type of device soonner. Anyway, I'm glad I kept all the old 'used' units, now with the help of this tool I'll have several sets on new units.


Richard K., Nebraska

The order I placed was my first with your company. Not only were the instructions very easy to follow, but the product? Well, it was just great!


Frankie S., Maryland